Why Write About PowerShell

In one word: Community. I’m one of those IT Pros who entered IT without formal training. I have no degrees in any of the IT related disciplines, I am almost completely self taught. I excelled in the field due to my ability to find solutions to problems online and in my confidence that if I broke something I could likely fix it.

Creating documentation has never been a strong skill for me. I have a habit of finding solutions online to problems, trying the suggestion then moving on to the next solution. Rarely do I report whether the proposed solution worked or not.

That ends with this blog.

I recently attended the PowerShell Summit 2015 in Charlotte, NC and was overwhelmed by the feeling that we attendees were all in this together.

Don Jones, Summit organizer and PowerShell MVP, made a speech that really hit home. In a speech that should launch 140 blogs Don called on us to step up and contribute. It isn’t enough to merely attend the Summit or buy PowerShell books written by community leaders.

It is time to step up.