PSGitLab v3.0.1 Released

A ton of work went into the v3 version of PSGitLab, both on my part and that of the community. There are new contributors as well as familiar names in the changelog and I am thankful for all of the help. My goal of releasing an open source project to help others has been greatly exceeded by the contribution of those in the PowerShell community. Over the next few months, I hope to make it easier for new contributors to jump in and add coverage to the GitLab API.

Enhancements and Fixes

  • [Enhancement] for end users to keep up with what changed version to version.
  • [Fix] Support for 204 HTTP status codes on DELETE so there aren’t errors thrown when any of the Remove-* functions are called.
  • [Fix] Hide archived projects by default restored to default (Simon Heather)
  • [Fix] Switched from POST to PUT verbs on Block and Unblock to follow the GitLab API reference.
  • [Enhancement] Get-GitLabGroup added (Eduardo de Moura Rodrigues)
  • [Enhancement] Disable to Progress Bar when running Invoke-WebRequest (Simon Heather)
  • [Enhancement] Code Cleanup (Wojciech Sciesinski)
  • [Fix] Support for TLS 1.2 if not enabled on client
  • [Enhancement] Get-GitLabIssue (Robin Malik)
  • [Fix] Changed API endpoint for Get-GitLabProject to follow the GitLab API reference.

Improved Documentation

Announcing the PSGitLab wiki! Over time, I will work to fill in the gaps in regards to starting out with PSGitLab then to go over advanced configuration to get the most out of your cli experience.

Another place for improvement will be developer documentation. I would like as many people contributing to PSGitLab as possible. That means, drastically reducing the barrier to entry for people starting out with PowerShell. I hope the developer on-boarding docs would aid in that.

The goal will be to add all existing features to the wiki then roll out new documentation as new features are added. Look for more in this space soon.

The Future for PSGitLab

In the future, I will be looking to drastically simplify the build and test process, upgrade to Pester v4 syntax, detect the project url via git remote, better default pester tests, and various other enhancement requests.

For now, I will work to make sure the new v3 of PSGitLab didn’t introduce anymore bugs (hence 3.0.1).