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Pipelines and Objects

Two strong points of PowerShell are the ability to work with Pipelines and Objects. PowerShell is built on top of .NET and has the ability to work with .NET objects as well as

Get Involved in PowerShell

I got a secret for you. The PowerShell community needs your voice. Your perspective on things. You might think that the community has enough talented people out there but you’d be wrong.

Formatting Output

Formatting output from cmdlets doesn’t have to be complicated. PowerShell ships with cmdlets that can take the output from other cmdlets and display the information in a pretty way. Format-Custom, Format-List, Format-Table,

Introduction to Cmdlets

For years Microsoft has played a trick on systems administrators. They convinced you that you could administer Windows Servers at the same scale that Linux administrators could. While that sentiment is true the

Introduction: PowerShell Direct

PowerShell Direct is a new feature to Windows Management Framework version 5 that allows for Windows hosts to run PowerShell commands against a Hyper-V guest. Think of this as PowerShell Remoting without the


Have you ever tried running a script only to find that your user account doesn’t have the proper rights? You could start up another PowerShell session using the ‘Run as Different User’