Focus on Reading

I, like most people, have let news and social media take up too much of my time. I’m a big-time news junkie and while I’m particular where I get my news from it usually come from news aggregators such as reddit, twitter, hacker news, and feedly.

In my travels across the internet I find great websites and blogs and want to stay in touch with them. Unfortunately, there isn’t an infinite amount of time so I got to cut back.

Signal to Noise

Much of my time on the internet is spent reading news so I should probably make sure I’m only getting the news I’m interested in. By interested I mean articles that teach me something instead of reinforce my viewpoints.

With that in mind I’m trying to cut down on the sites that either never update, or have too much fluff in them. This is all in an effort to read more over the course of the year. I’ve never been happy with the amount of book reading I do so now’s my chance to Focus on Reading.

By Nicholas M. Getchell

Nicholas Getchell is a Systems Analyst at Massasoit Community College working on automation, deployment and security. Nicholas is also a member of the Association for Windows PowerShell Professionals and coordinates the TechSession webinars for

You can find him on Twitter @getch3028 or on the PowerShell Slack community as ngetchell. Follow his PowerShell blog at

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