How I Lost My $50,000 Twitter Username

> Most websites use email as a method of verification. If your email account is compromised, an attacker can easily reset your password on many other websites. By taking control of my domain name at GoDaddy, my attacker was able to control my email. [](

XPS 12

Been migrating these domains with a loaner XPS 12 from work. Specs are as follows: Model: XPS 12-9Q33 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4500U CPU @ 1.80GHz Memory: 8GB OS: WIndows 8.1 This thing cranks and the touchscreen flips almost effortlessly around the bezel. In the commercials I assumed the laptop was made out of cheap plastic […]

DigitalOcean VPS

[![Capture](×126.png)]( Seriously digging Digital Ocean’s cheap ass VPS. Plenty of RAM to handle running a bunch of sites for me. May move my git server from to a self hosted GitLab setup. Love Bitbucket for the private repositories but a whole private server might work out better.